Dear Fans, Business Partners, Employees, and Friends of Noa Beach Club,

Today is the last working day of the Noa Beach Club, and with tomorrow’s date, we close the 2020 season. We can proudly say that, because of your contribution and dedication, we have successfully completed this season at the highest professional level.

This was indeed the most demanding season for us so far, with many challenges and obstacles that we needed to overcome. But despite that, we decided to save the summer and get the most out of it to provide our loyal guests and visitors who want a holiday, quality entertainment in the most secure way possible, which is ultimately the most important thing for us.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our loyal guests. You guys are the best – we will always go the extra mile for you! Big appreciation goes to our dear partners and agencies we have worked with this season, providing each other with mutual support and trust. Of course, we also thank all the performers and artists who were with us this summer.

A special thanks go to our hard-working employees and associates, a real entertainment “wizards” who have done a great job this season with their enormous effort and commitment. We know that you have patiently worn masks and gloves at the highest temperatures on the island of Pag – and that is why all this would not be possible without you. Noa has successfully followed and implemented all official recommendations and measures of the competent authorities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this, we need to thank the local Headquarters of the Civil Protection, and the City of Kolan as well, for their cooperation, all the advice, and support.

We have set an ambitious “grand plan” for the 2021 season when we will reopen the Noa Beach Club in May, which we’re especially looking forward to. Until then we will be working on new programs, the most famous festivals and performers, new themed days with special interactive content, and continuous top-notch services.

Thank you all one more time for your continued support.

Truly Yours,

Noa Beach Club