La Fiesta 2014

La Fiesta 2014

Summer residence every wednesday @ Noa Beach Club
Noa beach La FiestaThe world’s best performers are part of ” La Fiesta” and coming to perform in Noa.

Total of the 40 artists from all around the world makes LAFiesta one of the best show
in the world, with spectacular scenography and animation technology.

La Fiesta is a musical-artistic event with spectacular and irresistible content, cirque in the air, accompanied by a handsome performers with attractive costumes, acrobatics and special effects on stage with superb music that will keep you awake all night.

This unique event where professional artists create the illusion of the scene, initiate euphoric pleasure and make you indispensable guest of this amazing show….

La fiesta gives you many surprises in just one night and an unforgettable time with:

Jidax / duo from tomorrowland festival

Danny Wade / resident pacha ibiza

Alexander Som / Spain

Nalaya best voice of Ibiza

Soound of the Violine & Guitar

By Miguel Lara / world best violinist with house music

Manuel Moore world best guitarist for house music

Anastasia Sokolova world best pole dancer

Aerial Acrobats

Led Robots activity

Amazing dance shows

Glamorous costumes


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