2 elements

Noa beach club – Zrće Croatia 20.07.20142 Elements Croatia Zrce beach Island Pag Novalja – Noa beach club

The two ladies met each other in a club and didn`t believe their eyes. They thought they have seen their mirror image and came in contact. From now on they were an inseparable Duo. A close friendship arose through all ups and downs of life and through numerous clubs of the world. Because of friends they got more familiar with the World of Deejaying and that`s why July and Anie decided to learn how to use Vinyl and Cd.

Through their share most of their interests and nearly the same look, the 2Elements realised that they represent different styles of electronic music. That is how it became an explosive symbiosis of impulsive Electro and uplifting, glamourous Eivissa – Sound!

They are playing back-to-back which gives their set power and a good vibe that still rocks every club and crowd. The famous german Label SUPERSTAR RECORDINGS signed the two ladies. Now it was important not only to represent the project actively to the public, but also to establish and develop it via own ideas and productions and to ward the whole thing with a special own note.

Since 2008, 2Elements are residents of the famous Ibiza Brand „Salvacion Ibiza“, which is based at El Divino Ibiza, every tuesday during the summer ,since 2000. And since 2009 every monday at El Divino Mallorca. 2Elements played for a lot of well known clubs in Germany and around the world, for example in Russia, Romania, Emirates, USA, Italy, Spain, Austria or Switzerland.